St. Coen's


Conditions & Application Form

The following conditions apply to the scheme:

1. The scheme is voluntary. You may choose either to:

  • Buy all your own school books if you so wish
  • or you may choose to take part in the school partial rental scheme.

Book lists will be supplied to parents in the normal way.

2. A security deposit of €30 is payable on behalf of each student who joins the scheme. This deposit will be held against the safe return of all books rented to pupils under the scheme. If books are lost or damaged, some or all of this deposit will be retained to cover such loss or damage. Full compensation for lost books will be required before readmission to the scheme. In the normal course this deposit will be returned when a pupil leaves the scheme having safely returned all the rented books at the end of the school year.

3. Annual rental: A rental charge per year is charged for the rental of relevant text books listed on the book rental list. The rental charge is not refundable. (See rates for book rental table for 2022 to 2023). A rental cap of €100 will be put in place where a family’s book rental for the year exceeds this amount. (This does not include the security deposit.)

4. Purchase of school stationary/workbooks which pupil write in and disposable materials will be the responsibility of parents. The school will not be purchasing these materials.

5. Both the deposit and rental charge must be paid before the pupil receives their books. There will be no exception to this rule.

6. The books supplied under the scheme will remain at all times the property of the school. They will be subject to inspection at any time by any member of the teaching staff.

7. Membership of the scheme is at the discretion of the school. Any pupil found to be abusing, defacing or disposing of rented books will be dismissed from the scheme and will be required to supply their own text books for the remainder of their time in the school.

8. Books supplied under the scheme may be new or second hand. After the first year please be aware that books will be second hand.

9. Admission to the scheme in following years is conditional on the safe return of all books supplied in the previous year.

If you wish to go ahead with the book rental, please download and complete the Application Form below and return it to the school office with the fee and deposit.

School Book Rental Rates 2022/2023

Security Deposit: €30 per child

Rental Deposit:
€35 – 2nd class up to 6th class
€15 Junior Infants up to 1st class

Note: Rental fee is not refundable. Deposit is refundable provided books are returned in good condition.