The safety of pupils is of paramount importance and the school seeks to create a safe and secure environment for students and staff.
  • We have a Safety Policy.
  • If your child needs to leave school early we request you send a written note to the class teacher giving 24 hours notice.
  • Children are supervised within school hours during class time and playtime.
  • We encourage a positive school climate and a non-bullying atmosphere.
  • A high standard of respect for others, good manners and the willingness to take responsibility for oneself are expected from all students.
  • Children are expected to follow the directions of their teachers.
  • The school places greater emphasis on rewards than on sanctions.
  • Where there are serious breaches of discipline or repeated incidents of minor misbehaviour, sanctions will apply in accordance with the Code of Behaviour Policy.
  • Parents are required to accept, uphold and support the school’s code of Behaviour and anti-bullying policy.

Holidays/Days Off

Parents are notified of dates of holidays, days off or half days through the school calendar issued in June, school newsletter and/or by way of a note given to your child to take home in her schoolbag. Some parents may need to check their child’s schoolbag for these! Unexpected closures are notified by text messaging.


  • Parents are requested to take extreme caution when approaching or leaving the school.
  • There is a one way system in operation and a SET DOWN area.
  • Make sure the way is clear before your child gets out of the car and be aware of other children in the area.
  • We encourage children to walk to school.
  • Students may cycle to school and leave their bikes in the bike shelters.
  • Bikes should be locked when on the school premises.