Your child is now sharing a room with a large number of four and five year olds. Close contact happens regularly throughout the day.

You should check your child’s hair once a week for head lice. Inform the school immediately if these are seen on your child.

The Health Service Executive offers a medical screening for children at least once during their primary school years. This will include screening for vision, hearing and general health and nutrition.

Booster immunisation against childhood diseases such as the 3 in 1 vaccine is usually in the junior infant class too.

You should check with your local clinic or doctor for your child’s records of what injections they have been given in the past.

Of course none of the above will be done without parental consent.


When a pupil is absent for any reason parents are required to furnish a written note explaining the absence to the class teacher even in the event of the parent phoning the school.

In case of long-term absences it is important that the parents keep in periodic touch with the school. The school is required to notify the National Educational Welfare Board if children are periodically missing days or if they are out of school for lengthy periods of time.

School Attendance is promoted through reward schemes at class and whole school level.

Illness & Accidents

If a child is feeling ill a phone call to the child’s parents will be made. The parents may then collect the child. It is very important that we are updated with changing phone numbers and addresses. If unable to contact you it is vital you provide us with the name and contact number of a trustworthy person who can take responsibility for your child.

Minor scratches and grazes are wiped with a medi swab. Parents are contacted immediately if there is a more serious injury or a suspected fracture. If parents are uncontactable and the injury is urgent advice will be sought by the principal from the family doctor and the child brought to the surgery or elsewhere if that is the advice.

Medical History

We request that parents ensure that the school is made aware in writing of any medical condition suffered by their child.

When you enrol your child you are asked to provide us with of medical history, illness or other information, which may affect your child while in our care. You should update the school as necessary. Any such information is treated in confidence.

We do not store or administer medicines to pupils. Prescribed medicines will not be administered without the written consent of parents and the specific authorisation of the Board of Management. Further details are available from the school.