St. Coen's

ST. COEN’S N.S. Board of Management – Annual Report 2022

Board of Management 2021 / 2022

Chairperson: Fr Donal Roche
Treasurer: Audrey Power
Secretary: Lee Kavanagh
Patron Rep: Mary Murphy
Teacher Rep: Bernie Watson
Parent Reps: David Walsh & Audrey Power
Community Reps: Cllr. John Snell & Monica Haughton

Policy Development

During the academic year 2021/22 the BOM has reviewed and ratified the following policies or procedures:

  1. EPV Day Policy
  2. Child Safeguarding Statement
  3. COVID-19 Response Plan
  4. Code of Behaviour
  5. Healthy Eating Policy
  6. DEIS Plan 2021-24
  7. Class Dojo Policy
  8. St. Coen’s NS Book Rental Scheme
  9. Irish Policy
  10. Anti-bullying Policy
  11. Assessment Policy
  12. Admissions Policy

Thank you to all the staff, parents, students and BOM members who contributed to these.


  • The permanent teaching staff of the school will increase to 15 mainstream class teachers, 2 Special Class teachers, 6 full-time SET teachers and 1 HSCL teacher.
  • Ms Elaine Sheehan and Ms Tracey Gilbert have joined our school on a permanent basis from 2022/23. Ms Sheehan had been working in our school as part of a shared SET cluster this year and Ms Gilbert has been fulfilling a part-time SET role to date.

Class Allocation for 2022/23 is as follows:

Junior Infants - Ms Duggan, Teacher to be appointed
Senior Infants – Mr McDermott, Ms Lynch
1st class – Ms McEvoy, Ms Ferguson, Ms Sheehan
2nd class – Mr McAdam, Ms Ni Chatháin
3rd class – 2 teachers to be appointed
4th class – Ms Doyle
4th/5th class – Teacher to be appointed
5th class – Ms Dunbar
6th class – 2 Teachers to be appointed
ASD Preschool
– Teacher to be appointed
ASD Primary – Ms Duignan
SET – Ms Watson, Ms Vaughan (Reading Recovery), Ms Farrell, Ms McLoughlin, Ms Gilbert, Teacher to be appointed
Home School Community Liaison – Ms Callaghan

  • Congratulations to Peggy Vickers who is retiring at the end of the year. Peggy has worked in St. Coen’s NS since it opened, having previously worked in St. Joseph’s N.S., providing pastoral care and amazing support to many. We wish her all the best in her retirement.
  • The school facilitated 7 student placements for student teachers during the year.

Summer Works/Buildings

Magnetic locks were placed on all perimeter doors during the year.

School Inspection

Two Inspectors carried out a research project with 3rd and 5th class students on the role of focus groups in School Inspections.

Curricular Development

  • A new 3 year DEIS plan was drawn up with targets for Literacy, Numeracy, Attendance, Transitions, Retention, Parental Involvement and Links with Agencies.
  • Numicon was introduced in the Junior Infant classes. This will be extended to Senior Infants and the Special Classes next year.
  • Words Their Way Spelling programme was trialled in 2nd class. This will be rolled out in 1st-3rd classes next year.
  • Rainbow Oral Language and Anthology Readers were used in all classes from 1st-6th this year.
  • Team-teaching and station teaching were implemented in all classes this year for literacy and numeracy.
  • Drumcondra Literacy standardised tests were used in 1st-6th classes this year.

School Ethos

  • 3rd class received their First Holy Communion in September 2021
  • Last year’s 6th classes made their Confirmation in October 2021
  • 2nd classes received their First Holy Communion in May 2022
  • 6th class made their Confirmation in June 2022
  • A diocesan advisor visited the school during the year and was very impressed by the promotion of the Catholic ethos and, in particular, the Sacred Space near the front entrance.

Parents’ Association

  • The PA raised over €5000 through the school Lotto. Numicon resources was purchased with this money.
  • €1300 was raised through the Book Fair. New sets of class novels were purchased with this money.
  • Thank you to all members of the PA for their amazing and continued support throughout the year.
  • The PA are always looking for new members. If you wish to join please contact the school – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The school will reopen on August 30th 2022