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We are senior infants. We are very happy boys and girls. We are so kind to each other and love to play and learn together.

Our teacher is Ms. Callaghan.

Reading and Writing:

  • We are very clever and are learning new sounds and words all the time. We can now read and write simple words and sentences.
  • We are learning to write capital letters as well as our lowercase letters.
  • We love station teaching and play lots of games to help us with our sounds and reading.


  • We are very good at maths and use the mathematic programme as well as a programme called Ready Steady Maths.
  • We use lots of concrete materials to help us.
  • We are also using Numicon which helps us develop our understanding of number facts and maths language.


  • We love learning Irish rhymes and songs and playing games as part of our Bua na Cainte programme.


  • Play is a very important part of our lives.
  • We enjoy free play and Aistear, where we develop our language through theme play.
  • We all enjoy game-based learning where we learn through games.


  • We enjoy yoga and dancing and all forms of P.E.
  • We are also great painters and enjoy colouring and arts and crafts.
  • We say prayers and listen to stories about God.
  • We are very musical and have a great music teacher who comes to us every week.
  • We love to learn about ourselves and how we relate to others. As you can see we are a very special class of friends.

We love school.

Book List St. Coen’s Rathnew - Senior Infants 2020-2021


  • Mathemagic (Single Vol) Snr Inf €14.23
  • All Write Now (Pre Cursive) €6.47
  • Just Phonics €5.06
  • PM Readers €6-€8 per Book
  • Bua na Cainte B €11.53
  • Grow in Love Workbook Snr Inf €11.24
  • 3 Project copy €0.57 each
  • 2 Plastic Folders €0.45 each
  • 3 Handwriting Pencils- Triangular €0.61 each
  • Twistables €4.10
  • Crayons (Skinny) €2.72
  • 2 A3 Scrapbooks €2.82 each
  • Rubber €0.36

*Book for Rental