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We are a class of six pupils, with an age range of 4 to 7 years. We all learn at our individual pace. Some of us join the mainstream classes at different times of the day.

Our team provide a caring and a fun filled environment for all of us. They are mindful of our happiness and our wellbeing, a happy class makes a happy learner. We all strive to reach our goals and achieve new goals. They focus on our individual strengths and areas of need through the S.S.P. (School Support Plan). For our communication, some of us use Lámh and objects of reference.

Our teacher maintains a partnership between home and school with our daily communications book.

Our Daily Activities

We settle in by putting our coats and lunches away. We spend a little time playing, exercising and getting ready for our day.

This is followed by fine motor skills. These include; threading, matching, stacking to match pictures, matching pairs of socks and pouring jugs of rice, just to name a few. We change places to keep it varied.

Circle time is really nice, we greet each other and exchange our news through our teacher reading from our communication books. Then we sing a variety of morning songs with 2 Lámh songs.

At break time we join the junior classes. It is nice to be with our friends from different classes.

During the day, some of us attend the mainstream classes for such topics as; numeracy, music, fine motor skills and literacy.

For those of us who remain in class, we follow the Curriculum on a differentiated basis. Our teacher prepares individual worksheets to suit our needs, sometimes, we can answer questions using materials made with Velcro.

We are taught with the principles of the TEACCH method. Most of have our own workstations. Our Special Needs Assistants are always present to keep us on the right path. We use many concrete materials with our numeracy and literacy.

We enjoy our art lessons and enjoy cutting, pasting and sticking. We have free painting time too!!

In our school we must have the best sensory room in the country. We all enjoy taking turns in small groups.

Part of our day will always include story time, we take turns helping our teacher to turn the page. Also, we sing along with tunes and use our musical instruments. We have regular movement breaks and PE classes.

HERE are some of our recent class photographs: